Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Golden Pouches

I want to share some information with you about one of our Promotional Frenzy Leaders.  I made a BNR purchase from Magda and happened to include an order for some little pouches.  What a lovely surprise.
I can't tell you how fabulous the Jewelry Bags or Pouches from magdamagdaFashion  are.  They come in sets of 4 and are beautiful.  The fabric is a lovely shimmery gold (which doesn't show well in my pictures) and are heart shaped  A beautiful jeweled button is the closure.

Attractive packaging can be found but the question is, how well does it work with your product.  Let me show you.

Medicine Stones, Delicate Pendant Necklaces and items with sculpted figures all worked comfortably with Magda's pouches.  She will customize these for you if you'd like.  I love them and plan to see if Magda will make some in other colors for me.  We all know how talented and inventive Magda is.  I can hardly wait to see more of these.