Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The early crop of lambs on my friend's ranch are now eating hay and will be weaned shortly.  That will be a noisy few days as babies and moms really don't like to be separated and spend a time calling for one another.

The lambs are very curious.  You can stand at the fence and chirp at them and they will come and take a close look at you.  Here's one brave boy who wants to check out 'Rooster'.  Rooster is my Shetland Sheepdog who competes in herding events.  A properly trained herding dog does not see the stock as something to chase or harrass but simply as creatures who need to be taken here and there at the direction of the person in charge.  He's okay with the lamb coming up to see him but he won't stand there long.  Too boring doing nothing for him.  He likes action.

This is the tiny twin who was shown in an earlier blog.  While small, she is sturdy and healthy.  They call her color 'red and white'.

Look at the greedy lambs actually in the feeder.  They are lots of fun to watch.