Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Going Postal

I really, really, really wanted to mail my package that was going to central Alaska so that it would be heading out Monday morning. I was waiting for one last gift ordered on-line to make an appearance in my mailbox. It arrived Saturday afternoon, was quickly wrapped and slipped into the waiting large Priority Mail box. I flew out the door trying to make the 4:30 Post Office closing time. I didn’t, primarily because they close at noon on Saturdays.

A young girl (looked about 12 but was driving and all so she must have been older) was there and suggested I stop whining and pounding on the closed, locked and empty section and use the Do It Yourself Package Mailing Kiosk. This sounded good until I discovered that it was related to a computer! You know how I am about following directions on a computer.

Well, no one was around so I figured I could always grab my package and run out the door if I botched this job too badly. Got almost through when I noticed the 12 year old girl (who drives a car) was back and watching me. I hate an audience when I’m stumbling around. Fortunately, for a change, I managed to follow the directions and get the job done and she only had to remind me to hit NO at the end to clear the screen.

All I had to do was to take my large package and put it in one of the two bins. Neither bin would open. Yanking, pulling, kicking and muttering unladylike comments didn’t work. It wouldn’t fit in any of the slots (duh) so I had to take it home and bring it back Monday. (The 12 year old didn’t have any luck either but she had a small package and was able to slip it into a letter slot. Not fair!)

Returned Monday, in the rain, and felt that since I was now a pro at managing the kiosk, skipped the lines and went to the machine. Unfortunately, this time I had an envelope and I couldn’t find the Delivery Confirmation. Fortunately, the Maintenance Man was there cleaning the doors and came over to offer assistance. We worked around the menu a bit and discovered that if I called my small envelope a ‘package’ I could get the Delivery Confirmation. Thanked the gentleman profusely, added addresses to my printed labels and jauntily tossed the three packages into the now functioning bin.

I’ll use the Kiosk again…as long as there is a 12 year old girl or a maintenance man handy to hand-hold me through the hard parts.

Take the time to enjoy your holiday's.  It doesn't matter if the floors are scrubbed or the silverware is shined.  Relax and enjoy good company and family.