Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Miss True, Prima Ballerina

Introducing:  Prima Ballerina "Miss True"

Miss True has appeared as the featured artist in many private and public performances.  She takes her work seriously and works hard to hold the interest and focus of her many fans.

True's human Mom is an Occupational Therapist and Miss True is her assistant.  True's job is to motivate clients and patients to participate in their therapy which some are reluctant to do. 

She engages them in games of skill.  In one, she gathers the strewn contents of her purse, trying to get all of her items tucked in before the patients can gather theirs.  She is so determined to win, that, I'm sad to say, she often gathers some of the patient's items and tucks them into her purse as well.

There are also festivities at the clinic where, as you can imagine, True again shines.  One such event is coming up soon and I'm sure True will be more than ready.