Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals Update

I reviewed my stated goals and feel that I'm off to a good start.  I've set up a system of keeping receipts organized for tax purposes.  I've increased and worked my circles.  I've been very active in the team promotional activities.  (Actually, I will be tied up a lot starting soon and going to mid-March so I want to get lots of promoting done now.) I've increased my items which will be helpful when I hit this busy patch which will include being out of town a lot as well as some minor but inconvenient surgery.

No progress on Google, tags or organizing my materials.  Still, a pretty good start.

Here is my newest item.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals

My shop goals for 2012 tend to be functional in nature...things I wish I had done/known this past year.

I will learn more about Google, Tags and timing trends and then, impliment some of these skills.  The information is there thanks to the hard work of so many wonderful team members.  I WILL take advantage and learn.

I will organize my materials.  I can't find a thing!  I've purchased some containers and actually have an overall plan.

I will keep better records of receipts, inventory and sales.

I will increase the number of items in my shop.  I met this year's goal in this area but need to keep going.

I will tweak my circles.  I met my goals here as well but plan to increase numbers and pay closer attention as to who to keep and who to replace.

I will continue to be active in the threads and team activities.  Without the help and support of all my friends none of the above would be possible.

A thousand thanks to everyone for last year.  It was a blast!