Monday, August 2, 2010

Anne Choi Metal Bead Artist

I've always been a big fan of Anne Choi's work.  Her hand made, hollow metal beads are a true treasure and I am  lucky enough to have a few. 

Anne comes here (Tucson) for the Gem and Mineral event in January/February and we are always eager to see what new things she has to offer.  She is at the Whole Bead show at the Windmill hotel.  If you happen to be at the show, drop by her booth and see the beads for yourself.

For more information on Anne and her work,
Her process is fascinating.


The dog days of summer inspired this great necklace of Obsidian, Coral, Sterling Silver and Thai Silver

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous dog bead and I love what you did with it... such an elegant naturalistic necklace !