Saturday, September 11, 2010

I went to the Mimi Gem & Mineral show here in Tucson, yesterday.  The huge one is in February but this small event keeps us in supplies and in touch with new things. 

I love the shows where the artists come in and are there with their new designs, colors and chatter.  Such fun!  Yesterday was the "Best Bead Show" and a quick trip to the Holidome and Cobough for Turquoise.

I came home with several bags of goodies and a lot of inspiration.  Can hardly wait to get started on several new products. 

We're so lucky to have this at our own back door twice a year.

This is from an earlier event.


  1. That's an lovely pendant... did you put together the necklace ?

  2. Yes you are lucky! One of these days I need to get out there -- and with a pair of really good walking shoes!


  3. That is a lovely pendant! And I'm in Mesa os that's not so far from me, I'm hoping to trek down for that in Feb, if for nothing else than for inspiration, I hear it's awesome!