Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow!  The Gem and Mineral Shows here in Tucson have come and gone.  As usual, I spent too much time and way too much money.  I had promised myself that I would work out of my huge stash instead of buying new but we all know how that goes. 

Had a dog event this weekend and as usual, the same people did all the work.  Grumble, grumble.  Seems that's always the way.  Rooster had a fun time and did well.

Coming home (out of town) my van decided it was unto death and barely made it.  Not fun.  It is in the shop now so my husband rented a car.  We go in opposite directions so two vehicles are necessary if it's more than one day.

Still, everyone is fine, I've started on my house chores, the third load of wash is in the machine and I just may take some time later today to finish a couple of bracelets.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


  1. Rooster looks as though he is having an amzing fun tim

  2. Gosh that is a beautiful dog! And a great photograph. I hope your van needs a simple repair and won't cost too much.

  3. Rooster is adorable!! Would love to go to that gem show one of these years--heck, would just LOVE to get to Tucson again! (Galeaz Glass)

  4. Adorable dog. Glad I didn't make it to the show from IL, I'd spend a fortune.

    Show us what you got!

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. That is a beautiful sheltie and a stunning photo. A Sheltie named Rooster???.....hhhhmmm, just made me smile.

  6. Rooster's registered name is
    Triune's True Grit (you know, Rooster Cogburn is the main character. Formerly played by John Wayne but now, in the remake, played by Jeff Bridges)

    Soon, Rooster will be well-known again. LOL