Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My First and Last Craft Show Adventure

Here’s a story for Turtle and other Bad Luck Participants in Craft Shows

The first place I had any of my jewelry, many, many years ago, was in the gift shop of the Tucson Museum of Art. (Fancy-Dancy) They have two High-End Artisan Markets a year and the manager really wanted me to participate. Now, we had been to these before as browsers and buyers. The markets are held in a lovely, multi-level plaza with trees and so on. These are usually wonderful events.

A jewelry artist friend and I (plus our husbands) decided to participate, paid for a spot and did all the usual preparation. It was a first time for both of us so we spent a lot of time setting up and deciding upon displays the weekend before the Market.

The first day of the event (there were 3) got off to a bumpy start as there was no parking in the vicinity and things went downhill from there.

1. -We had a horrible spot well outside of the lovely patio area. It was dirt and didn’t even look to be a part of the event. There were 7 venders there.

2. -While unloading in the unloading zone, we got a parking ticket. Seems someone needed to be with the vehicle the whole time. We found this out later.

3. -It was a horribly hot 3 day weekend and there was no shade where we were.

4. -Some guy came by and asked if this ‘swap meet’ was here every weekend. (Fancy-Dancy revisited)

5. -Directly across from us was a couple with about 4 items in their tent who spent the whole weekend practicing having sex. Had they removed their clothing the deed would have been done… a lot. (X-rated Fancy-Dancy)

6. -The food tents were up-wind from us and the flies and trash were pretty bad. (Unsanitary Fancy-Dancy)

7. -We sold just enough to cover our expenses including the parking ticket but not enough for the lunches the husbands bought from expensive restaurants in the area. (Costly Fancy-Dancy).

I’ve never done another. (Retired Fancy-Dancy)

Note: The Tucson Museum of Art has since undergone extensive expansion and remodeling. All the venders are in the patio/courtyard areas. It really is a great site. We just caught it at a bad time.  Left a lasting impression.  LOL


  1. Oh Boy! I like a little adventure:)) I definitely need to be in a craft show, even if for the first and last time! As I see, it can make quite a story:)) Thanks Call!

  2. Oh wow I have never been in one, not sure I want to after reading this! I did smile at your blog though, so entertaining! :):)

  3. Wow, sounds like fun, but different, lol. From the promoter side of the tent, I'm glad the area did renovations.

  4. Each and every craft and gift show has a story to go with it! Your's was entertaining! I've had really good luck with area craft and gift shows.

  5. Oh, calli! Sounds like that was a total nightmare. I have had my share of losers too. I just pack up early and chalk it up to a tax write-off when they are that bad!

  6. I KNEW there was a reason I haven't wanted to do any Festivals :-o

  7. If that had been my first show it would definitely have been my last as well! For sure, some are better than others. Maybe try one more time with the new site?

  8. Sounds like no fun...never done a show myself!!

  9. I am sorry that you had a bad show. I learned a lesson that not every show is a good show and before I participate with any, I have to study it from all sides before I spent my money for nothing.

  10. speaking of display..what would you recommend for headbands

  11. I'm sorry your show didn't turn out. I agree with BijiBijoux. I try and research before I do one or get a referral from someone else. You just never know though.

  12. Wow, that does sound like an experience! I've never done a craft show.

  13. Oh what a terrible experience... I once went to a show where I only sold 2 items..

  14. Hehehe, it even made me giggle the second time. I like the x-rated fancy dancy. Too bad you guys didn't have a sling shot or paintball gun.

    It seems like the show admitted more vendors than it had room for. Like about 7!!!

    I wish you hadn't given up. I keep on pushing, and hoping for the best.

  15. Alas, all too familiar scenarios... To my immense relief, I stopped doing craft fairs a couple of years ago- best decision I ever made and yet it took me a while to allow myself that reality check.

    By the way... thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such an encouraging comment. I really appreciated it !

    best regards,