Monday, June 21, 2010

Corgi Puppies for Practice

A friend recently had a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies.  Lots of pictures were taken.  They are darling. 

I'm trying to load more than one image per post (new to all this) so I thought some puppy pictures would entertain you while I practice...providing I'm successful.

Okay, here is a puppy in a large tube with a large toy corgi blocking the exit.  Now, this puppy went into this whole thing on her own. 

Can you 'Find the Puppy" in each of the pictures?  She's successful at the end.  I think we can safely say that this puppy is a determined problem solver.  Katie, bar the door!

Success at last for the puppy (Tru) and Marianne


  1. Cute pictures. Finally get to see the tired puppy. You still didn't follow me I dont know what that friend thing you did is? Hmmm. Your Blogs looking good. Keep it up. Come over and join some of my blog hops.

  2. You did it! knew you could! adorable puppies!