Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Has Come and Gone

It turned into a Father's Day three day weekend with phone calls, presents, ice cream, cake and favorite meals.  Oh, yes, a hand massage, too, though he's not my father. 

Now we are all sitting around feeling fat with some ice cream left to finish. 

Now that Ruby Three Legs has gone home and no longer needs my attention, I plan to get back to my Zumba Exercise Class on Monday and Wednesday.  I'm wearing my pedometer this time to see how many steps I actually take in an hour class.  We really work up a sweat.

I have a follower.  I'm so grateful.  I will follow back if I can figure out how to do this. 
Still wandering in a fog, here.  Question, is it possible to post more than one image per blog?  How?

Above is the new necklace I added this morning.  It's called Crystal Sky.  I was hoping to put it at the bottom of this post but all my images seem to have minds of their own.

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