Friday, November 26, 2010


A good friend of mine has a Border Collie named Sting.  This is a fine boy who has done a lot of Dog Agility Competitions as well as Herding Competitions.  Unfortunately, he has developed severe arthritis in his toes...some dogs, like people, just seem to have problems along these lines.

Not being able to practice, compete, go for the long walks and ball chasing he was used to doing had made him unhappy.  It wasn't fun to stay home when everyone else went out but physically, he just couldn't do it without severe consequences.

The problem was solved when my friend found a baby stroller...the kind used by moms who want to run for exercise and take the baby along in a special stroller.  This was modified to allow Sting to ride along on the family walks. 

Now, as you can see, he is a happy boy.  He isn't left behind and he isn't in pain. 

What a terrific solution.  Look at that happy face.

You go, Stingman!

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  1. This is wonderful!! Nothing like seeing our companions happy!!! Very creative solution :)