Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Those Incredible Stones (or Rocks)

These Medicine Rocks (or Stones) have been very popular.  I originally made them as a memento for a National Shetland Sheepdog Herding Event.  They were presented in small white bags with a colorful ribbon.  People loved them.

Each Stone is unique. There are no exact duplicates. They are small stones which have been decorated with two colors of cording then embellished with small feathers, usually pheasant, and small natural semi-precious stones of turquoise, carnelian, citron and Rose Quartz. Spiny oyster and other shells are used occasionally.  I've recently expanded the materials used.

They are a nice little gift for groups and usually come in small bags closed with a narrow ribbon. Guests/Participants select a bag and the one they select is the one they are meant to have. The bag is opened and the Medicine Stone is seen for the first time. A small card explains what the metaphysical properties are for each stone. People have a lot of fun with this.     

These have been given to teachers, Mothers, relatives, Secret Santa's, friends, BFF's, brides, bridesmaids, friends with health issues, those recovering from surgery and people with stress in their lives.  The list is endless.  Some people like them simply because they are attractive and natural.
Medicine Rocks, Holistic Stones, Wellness Stones or by any name are made by me with love.  These unique and lovely gifts bring a smile to the recipient.  They provide comfort and support for those who can use it and are better than a hug.   

Keep the stones close to you but not in the bottom or your purse or under your pillow. Feathers are too delicate. They can be kept on a bedside table, kitchen window ledge, shelf, by your computer or where ever you tend to spend time. You can have more than one. They don't get jealous.  Dogs, cats and small children are attracted to them so you need to keep them out of reach.

I also make custom stones tailored to the needs of specific individuals.


  1. I think they are simply GORGEOUS. They absolutely ROCK. lol
    I particularly LOVE the animal theme rock.

    SO glad you created this beautiful blog post on your medicine rocks and send you prosperous wishes. everyone, including me, should have one !

  2. How neat - I've never heard of such a thing until now!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful comment on my blog - You are far too kind!